The Curse

Have you ever wondered exactly why a person would go to the extremes to have sex with you? Partially wonder exactly whether or not the person feels obligated to you or have you become a muse? A muse that is supposed to be so in depth with the inner you that you forget that sex is more than recreation. A muse that ultimately know the mental pain that comes with having sex through recreation. Sex was meant to be overpowering in a sense of all your feelings being exposed through intimacy. Many physical beings fiend for sex and in return, will make sex their reality. Instead of repressing those loose feelings, one choose to act out irrationally. Because remember, only a muse, forgets the complicated emotions that comes from sex. Only a muse will misinterpret sex for artificial pleasure, but again, sex is meant to heighten and elevate the soul. However, being a muse, you forget that sex is more than taking a risk on temporary pleasure rather a moment saved for your reflective personality. So one might need to ask them self, is sex really worth risking pieces of your soul in another muse? Or is the power of sex so overbearing that you will deny the soul and use your flesh to make decisions? Now when  the question is arranged in this manner, the poor intention of having recreational sex is highly considering lust as a necessary tool to meet your needs.

The terms of sex has been expunged under some underlying agreement after the first time the other muse has sex with you. Seeing as how the more times you have sex, the more involved you become in the other muses’ sexual culture. So in this case, the curse has exemplified the utmost need to stay connected with the inner soul and protect it from muse like traits. As your soul never misleads you, sex will have you replacing initial feelings for more novel ones that may be detrimental to your soul.