My love is too delicate to be broken

My heart is too big to bleed whole

My soul is too deep to be punctured 

My mind is too exquisite to be dumb

My body is too hard to be softened


My love is too real to be separated 

My heart is too of the world to be misinterpreted

My soul is too passionate to be accidental

My mind is too open to be forgotten 

My body is too cherishing to be misconceived


My love is too strong to be whipped

My heart is too bold to be blind

My soul is too pure to be whitened

My mind is too knowledgeable to be emptied

My body is too precious to be stepped on


Your love is too valuable to be broken

Your heart is too full to bleed whole

Your soul is too meaningful to be punctured

Your mind is too unbelievable to be dumb

Your body is too original to be softened.


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