Originally, the title was just going to be Death, but when one consider all the possible reactions from such a title, I decided to change it. However, death is definitely a subject matter that tons of people love to avoid. On the contrary though, death is everywhere, and the best way to so-called defeat death is to know where you are headed after death. As humans, we fear the mere presence of death and meanwhile some of us promote death. Death is promoted through words of mouth, music, television, social media, your neighbors, your community, your institutions of safety. It almost seems that if we are so afraid of death, then why do we consciously and subconsciously promote death? 

From the looks of things, deeply rooted in us is the preparation for death, whether you believe it to be associated with some religion, or rather you know the ins and outs about death. One thing is for sure, death has no set date, no set time, no set place, and no set person. So how exactly can one technically prepare for such a spontaneous moment? That’s not up to me to answer for you, ha! Truthfully speaking, to be prepared for “death” is to nourish your soul and manifest your destiny.

Now, take a new turn on how death is associated with more power than it is fear. To die is to leave the physical body while your soul and mind resonates around the people you left and also the universe. The energy and vibrations that once rolled through your physical body now rolls in the spiritual light. And any spiritual person would know that your energy is still around, meaning that you are always accessible through meditation and high levels of consciousness.


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