Part One: Soul Awakening

Now, let me remind you that the opening of my third eye (spiritual awakening) is not identical to any other conscious person, however, it is a reflection of all of nature (NTCHR).

My spiritual journey began the moment I realized the detrimental effects of ALL religions as it relates to my people and myself. A main detrimental effect is the absence of true spirituality due to the lack of self-control that religions issue upon their believers. Seeing as how I only identified with Christianity, I started to seek answers about some of the questions I had as a child growing up. One that I consciously held in my mind throughout college was: “Why has God induced so much pain disproportionately towards one group of people consecutively for all of my life?” Another issue within the religion was how hypocritical the believers (myself included) were.  Coincidentally though, I began to follow some people on Instagram that had exposed me to consciousness, spirituality, and African history. At this time, I thought I was a black activist and prospect voice for the African Community. However, day after day, there would be a post about Christianity and how it was bred out of white supremacy. Like I stated, I honestly thought I was connected to these people on my Instagram, but whenever it came to religion I would ignore their stances.

Here is the shocker though; Hidden Colors 1, 2, and 3 had exposed me to the all-time truth in a dynamic way. The Hidden Colors Series awakened my soul and basically slapped me in the face with the real me! So many questions and missing parts to answers had been revealed. Specifically, melanin and its relation to the pineal gland. From there, I had researched and researched all that I could to learn more about how my people are the Gods. The more I researched, the more the Creator began to reveal truths to me in every which way I turned.

Eventually, I knew that I no longer needed a religion to define me nor guide me to everlasting life. As a matter of fact, religion has no purpose in life and it only serves to control the people. Once you learn about how just the pineal gland is connected to melanin and how melanin is connected to your “God Sense.” One direct reference to your God Sense (Spirituality) is that “I have a feeling about” essence within people of African descent. Religion teaches you that you are only you through God, but African Spirituality teaches you that you are God. Until the masses of African descended people drop religion and shine their light through spirituality we will forever be lost.

For many people do not realize that truth is knocking on the door and it awaits to enlighten you about your inner self (the authentic you). Down to the core, truth is begging you to acknowledge its existence. All this time I had believed that if I followed God (under Christianity) and walked like Jesus, I would have everlasting life. Through spirituality I have gained the heightened awareness of all walks of life and earned my purpose in life. Definitely as if I had been chosen for the highest honorary position of my time, the shadows of darkness exposed me to the real light.


To Ascend or not to Ascend

Originally, the title was just going to be Death, but when one consider all the possible reactions from such a title, I decided to change it. However, death is definitely a subject matter that tons of people love to avoid. On the contrary though, death is everywhere, and the best way to so-called defeat death is to know where you are headed after death. As humans, we fear the mere presence of death and meanwhile some of us promote death. Death is promoted through words of mouth, music, television, social media, your neighbors, your community, your institutions of safety. It almost seems that if we are so afraid of death, then why do we consciously and subconsciously promote death? 

From the looks of things, deeply rooted in us is the preparation for death, whether you believe it to be associated with some religion, or rather you know the ins and outs about death. One thing is for sure, death has no set date, no set time, no set place, and no set person. So how exactly can one technically prepare for such a spontaneous moment? That’s not up to me to answer for you, ha! Truthfully speaking, to be prepared for “death” is to nourish your soul and manifest your destiny.

Now, take a new turn on how death is associated with more power than it is fear. To die is to leave the physical body while your soul and mind resonates around the people you left and also the universe. The energy and vibrations that once rolled through your physical body now rolls in the spiritual light. And any spiritual person would know that your energy is still around, meaning that you are always accessible through meditation and high levels of consciousness.


My love is too delicate to be broken

My heart is too big to bleed whole

My soul is too deep to be punctured 

My mind is too exquisite to be dumb

My body is too hard to be softened


My love is too real to be separated 

My heart is too of the world to be misinterpreted

My soul is too passionate to be accidental

My mind is too open to be forgotten 

My body is too cherishing to be misconceived


My love is too strong to be whipped

My heart is too bold to be blind

My soul is too pure to be whitened

My mind is too knowledgeable to be emptied

My body is too precious to be stepped on


Your love is too valuable to be broken

Your heart is too full to bleed whole

Your soul is too meaningful to be punctured

Your mind is too unbelievable to be dumb

Your body is too original to be softened.

The Curse

Have you ever wondered exactly why a person would go to the extremes to have sex with you? Partially wonder exactly whether or not the person feels obligated to you or have you become a muse? A muse that is supposed to be so in depth with the inner you that you forget that sex is more than recreation. A muse that ultimately know the mental pain that comes with having sex through recreation. Sex was meant to be overpowering in a sense of all your feelings being exposed through intimacy. Many physical beings fiend for sex and in return, will make sex their reality. Instead of repressing those loose feelings, one choose to act out irrationally. Because remember, only a muse, forgets the complicated emotions that comes from sex. Only a muse will misinterpret sex for artificial pleasure, but again, sex is meant to heighten and elevate the soul. However, being a muse, you forget that sex is more than taking a risk on temporary pleasure rather a moment saved for your reflective personality. So one might need to ask them self, is sex really worth risking pieces of your soul in another muse? Or is the power of sex so overbearing that you will deny the soul and use your flesh to make decisions? Now when  the question is arranged in this manner, the poor intention of having recreational sex is highly considering lust as a necessary tool to meet your needs.

The terms of sex has been expunged under some underlying agreement after the first time the other muse has sex with you. Seeing as how the more times you have sex, the more involved you become in the other muses’ sexual culture. So in this case, the curse has exemplified the utmost need to stay connected with the inner soul and protect it from muse like traits. As your soul never misleads you, sex will have you replacing initial feelings for more novel ones that may be detrimental to your soul.